New York

I was so glad that we went thru NYC, this is not my first time here. We passed here many times but we were always in a hurry, this time we were just one block away from the Liberty State Park. I was ecstatic coz its an opportunity to see the City and the Statue of Liberty. Keith and I walk to the park it was kinda long walk, and the weather was horrible. It was about 40 degrees, and the wind was blowing hard it feel colder. There were a lot of geese's, I asked my hubby to take me a picture while the geese's are over my head so I went chased them. The wind blow harder it stung on our faces but we still keep walking till we get to the end of the park. The City view was lovely, the Statue of Liberty was on her back so can't really see her face. We had no time to go to Ellis Island, maybe we will go next time.

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