Rice with Veggies

My Dinner everynight
This is my recipe, I called this “rice with veggies” this is really simple to make.
1/3 cup of cook rice
½ cup broccoli
½ cup sliced carrots
1 grilled chicken breast
Pinch of salt

Heat the skillet, spray it with spray butter with no calories, then put in the broccoli and carrots. When the veggies are cook, put in the sliced grilled chicken and the rice. Stir it, cook it for 3 minutes. This is very simple and healthy recipe with atleast 330 or 360calories for the whole meal. Enjoy!!!!



Spring is here, everywhere are blooming, the trees, flowers, wildflowers. We saw a blooming tree a few weeks ago and I just can’t help it, I took a few pictures of it.


Montana is one of my favorite state, it is a beautiful place wether its summer or winter. Its very serene, untouched wilderness, beautiful mountains, and wide roads.

Bye bye snow

I can’t believe the winter is almost over. A few months ago we went to Montana, the snow was so high atleast 6 feet. It almost cover the whole house. I love snow and also Toto, he likes to run around. Well enjoy the pics

Scenic Pictures

I love photography, in fact I would like to be a photographer but I dont have an equipment though, I would like to capture the picturesque places in a very clear photo. This will do for now.

Mt. Rushmore

Our visit to Mt. Rushmore was unforgettable, it was amazing. I wonder how they create their eyes, it look soo real. Here are some of our pictures.

Belly Dancing


I'm trying to lose weight and since I can't go to a gym, I also don't like jogging. I bought a Belly dancing dvd I'm not a good dancer (mind you). But it is a good thing to burn calories..... I also do taebo so.. I hope I'm gonna lost all my fats lol.....who knows I might learn to Shimmy.....

My new Videos

Hi, it's been a while, well I have been traveling a lot and I made a lot of videos... these are just a video of places...Enjoy!!!!


Lake Tahoe

Columbia River, Washington

Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota