Looking for Toto

It was late at night , I was cleaning the kitchen when my hubby said "sweetheart Toto didn't came back" he let him go outside to do his thing but its been several hours he never stayed out that long! I was thingking that he was playing with his BFFN (best friend for now) he is our next door neighboor dog, they tied him up and Toto visits him everytime his out to play with him. We went outside calling his name but he didn't come, we started to get worried coz there was a new dog in our neighborhood were afraid that this new dog might have attacked him somewhere. The quietness was so deafining, we called Toto's name but the only answers we got are our neighboors dog bark. my hubby think somethng was wrong, I tried not to panicked I told him to look around. He turn the truck on coz Toto might hear it and maybe he will come running....still he didn't show up so my hubby drive thru the neighborhood. I stayed infront of our house..... the night did'nt feel right, it was really cold, the wind was blowing the leaves it was spooky night! minutes later my hubb came back there was still no sign of Toto. I remember that he tried to cross the lake once at our back before when it was frozen he jump right on it but the ice broke he almost drown, we went to the lake, it was really dark worst we had no flash light. We look there, Thank God he wasn't there or we didn't see any white thing floating. I was getting so frustrated I told my husband to go look around again in the neighborhood, we went looking we didn't find anything..... my husband was thinking the worst could happened to him that didnt help coz I tried not to get so worried...... we went looking for Hours still didnt find him. We thought that we lost him... no more Toto, it was the worst feeling to lose somebody you love so much. We prayed in silent , I told my hubby to go to the neighborhood where I take him for a walked. There was a wooded area, it was dark, lots of leaves..........then I saw a white thing moving!!!!!!!!!!!!! i told my hubby to stop............. it came closer and closer...... it was Toto!!!!!!!!!! Oh gosh what a relief my hubby jump right off the truck to get him....... he was wagging his tail when he saw my hubby......... he was soo happy to see us...i think he got lost!!!! when he hear the truck he follow where it came from. He had no idea how worried we are..... We thank God that nothing happened to him..... we were not going to let him go roaming around anymore..... he is gonna be on a leash all the time..