God is Good

From the book Examine the Evidence

by: Ralph O. Muncaster

I copy this from that book , I learned a lot from here many questions has been answered......

Webfetti.comWhy Does God Allow Suffering?

Ive been wondering about this all my life Why does God allow someone to suffer if he is a loving God?Webfetti.com

The answer is that we are only human and we have unlimited understanding of God's overall planned for us. We are nowhere near as smart as God, and we should learn to trust him because God has a "good purpose" in all that he does. As the Bible says, We know that in all things, God works for good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. If you really want to understand why a loving God allows suffering, it might help if you understood why God created us in the first place.

Webfetti.comGod can cause suffering: Webfetti.com

Why would our loving God let bad things happen to us?Webfetti.com
We must remember that Gods plan a lot more complicated than we can imagine. Consider the following. We have a finite mind limited to four dimensions. Fully understanding the mind of God is impossible for us. Evil is not the same as suffering. Evil always has its origin in an intent to do wrong or harm. However, suffering can be caused for good reasons. For example, people often choose the pain of surgery and recovery in order to have a better-functioning body later . And suffering for Christ brings eternal rewards even though evil may be the cause of the suffering. God's intentions are much greater than ours. Its difficult for human beings to look beyond their immediate circumstances. But God always considers the eternal perspective (for example , sometimes our suffering can bring other people to eternal life). God is perfectly holy, loving and just. To our limited human minds, these attributes often seem to conflict with one another.

Webfetti.comAre Suffering Always Bad? Webfetti.com

People often ask why suffering exist. We've all experienced pain at some point in our lifeWebfetti.comand it usually seems that our suffering has no good purpose. We just want it to be over. Seldom do we actually consider the benefits of pain, suffering and even death. It is the causes and the "justness" of pain, suffering and death that we often understand the least. Sometimes pain and suffering are clearly the result of an evil action (sin) either our own or another's. For example, a drunk driver causes and auto accident, paralyzing for life both himself and the occupant of the car he crashed into. There seems to be some justice for the one committing the sin of drunkenness, but it's hard to understand why the innocent victim must also suffer.

Webfetti.comThe Benefits of Suffering Webfetti.com

How can we comprehend the benefits of pain and suffering? Some pain is easy to understand. In fact, it's a protective gift from God. Touch a hot stove, and you learn not to do it again. Feel pain in a part of your body, and you seek a doctor to help you. But long-term suffering is more difficult to understand. Often we don't understand it for many years, and sometimes not at all in this life. Some possible benefits of suffering we might not think about when we are going through it are that God may have planned to.

teach us something Webfetti.com
help us learn to love othersWebfetti.com
test our faith in him Webfetti.com
develop our character Webfetti.com
build our trust in him Webfetti.com
inspire us to hope in eternal things Webfetti.com
Webfetti.comThe Suffering of of Jesus Webfetti.com

A God who created the universe could certainly have created a world without suffering. But the reasons why he did not and why the existence of our kind of world makes perfect sense have already been explored. However, some people may think that God is evil and unfeeling because he "sits up there in a perfect paradise" while we are suffering "down here." This is from the truth. God came to Earth in person of Jesus Christ and went through all the types of suffering that most people go through until about A.D.33. At that time Jesus voluntarily exposed himself to the most painful, horrible, and humiliating death ever advised by man: Crucifixion. Whenever we doubt God's existence whenever we wonder whether any God worth the name would create a world he knew would be overwhelmed by pain and suffering, and death - we should remember that he chose to enter this world to suffer more than anyone, and to die in the most painful manner, just to allow us to choose to have eternal life with him in heaven. Jesus did'nt have to do this. He chose this horrible sacrifice for people who didn't deserve it. He chose it to demonstrate his great love.

God so loved the world that he gave his one and

only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not

perish but have eternal life. For God did not send

his Son into the world to condemn the world, but

to save the world through him.

When we reject, or simply do not accept, Jesus as our Lord and Savior, we are in effect thumbing our nose at God saying in essence that the blood of Jesus is not "good enough".

I would like to share this song Goodnight Kiss, its just touch my heart.

Goodnight kiss in your nightgown

Lavender in your bed

So innocent as you lie down

Sweet dreams that run through your head

Are you lonely without Mommy's love?

I want you to know I'd die for that moment

You're just a poor girl

Afraid of this cruel world

Taken away from it all

It's been 5 years to the day and

My tainted blood's still the same

I can't help acting this way and

Those bastard doctors are gonna pay

I'm so lonely without baby's love

I want you to know I'd die for one more moment

I'm just a poor girl

Afraid of this cruel world

Taken away from it all