Beauty Products

I will admit that since I was teenager, I didn't really like myself that much. Okay as I can remember in my adolescent years, I had a lot of pimples and I always squeeze them coz they are so annoying and so gross. Lil did I know that it will leave scars on my face, well the good thing was they were not that big. It was tiny but still noticeable. My skin was also rough (haggard skin hahaha) since I couldn't afford lotion back then so it was dry and rough, so flicky that I can write on my arm using my fingernail (yeah that bad). I had hair on my face also although it's not thick or long but still noticeable if you really look at it. I was thinking to shave it but I manage not to coz they said it will grow twice as long and twice as thick (oh sweet nibletes! I dont wanna look like a man). The mirror was not my friend back then, the mirror hates me (pout)!!!!. Here in US I found a lot of beauty products that can solved my problem. Since I came here the mirror started to like me, (its not that I am bragging ) since I keep using those products, I'm expecting results hahaha.... Im far from flawless coz I had many scars on my legs and on my body. I'm still looking of what product that will get rid of these ugly scars. When I was just a wee child I had bad allergies, I think I scratch them too much (ouch!). Then there was an accident that my mother gave me a very hot milk, suddenly the hot milk spelled on my body, (I can't remember the pain though) but it did leave a scar. Okay enough with gross stuff. I'm glad that I only have like one or two pimples once in a while and I will not dare to squeeze it, coz my face is already ruined because of my ignorance back then. I would like to share the product I used and what I did to get rid of those ugly pimples and unwanted hair!!!

1. In the morning I washed my face with Clean and Clear Daily Pore Cleanser. This removes excess dirt, oil and dead skin cells that can block pores and lead to breakouts. After I washed my face with these my face feel smooth and radiant, It feels really clean.

2. In the evening I used Clean & Clear Deep Cleaning Astringent. It helps prevent pimples, after I used these my face feel tingly, its very strong astringet.

3. After I clean my face with astringent, I apply moisturizer then I leave it overnight!.

4. For my Facial hair; I used Sally Hansen its a Creme Hair Remover. I apply this once a week, I just apply the creme on my face then leave it for 3 or 5minutes, then I remove it with moist tissue and voila! I am hair free!!!!!!!

5. Once a week I apply Cream Masque, this is a deep cleansing and it allows only to use it once a week. I look scary every time I apply this on my face my husband make fun of me loL!

6. For body Scrubbing I used Village Natural Spa, it is a Sugar mix with Olive Oil and etc. They used this on a salon or Spa but since I can't afford to go to spa, I just used this product. It exfoliate your skin, it will remove dead skins, and it will make ur dark spots a lil lighter..... After I used this I smell like sugar, smell so sweet, and my body is sooo oily coz they put lots of oil on it!. I apply this on a loofah then scrub it on my body... it does hurt if I scrub really hard.

7. I used Shea Butter lotion, made with a brazilian nut and a real shea butter. This will moisturize your body and soften dry, rough skin. Every time I apply this I craved a coffee cake, coz smells like one. So after I scrub with sugars then apply a shea butter lotion that smells like a coffee cake. I sure smell like a dessert. hahahahaha.

8. at last for my Feet. I used Spa foot Pumice Creme. Gently polishes away dryness for blissfully smooth, baby soft feet. yeah i need this coz I have callouses sometimes hahaha since I walked using sleeper only no socks.

Now my skin is looking healthy and radiant, Thanks for this products!