A Glass Half Full

Do you sometimes hate yourself? Do you think of what you had said and then you started t0 realize.. "hey, that was wrong!!". Then you start to think really hard about yourself, and you end up wondering "whats wrong with me?" Yeah, I've been thru this.... I started hating myself when my mind was full of negative thoughts . I am not happy being like that ! I want to be content with my life, to be happy and have a positive view of life in general . Stress is a big part of it too, since I travel a lot. But I have to fight it because I know in my heart it's not me. Sean Hannity once said that we should stop and try to smell the roses around us. I often worry about the future, about what's gonna happen tomorrow. Too often we get so wrapped up with the future that we don't pay attention to today. When you're always worried you stop being yourself and become way to pessimistic. It's no way to live your life!!

It took awhile, but I finally realized that no matter how much we prepare for or worry about the future, we really don't know what will actually happen. Life is full of surprises...., I'm thankful for today, for being healthy, that my family are healthy and happy, and that I'm still alive!!! Like the song says, "Live like you were dying!". It's part of growing up!!

I tried to discipline myself, to think positive, and just be thankful that we are still breathing every morning! I still have bad days every now and then, but now I know better. I just take a few deep breaths and face it with positive attitude, then I end up a better and happy person. I don't have much of a social life here, but I am a very social person. I love to interact with another human beings (and cute and cuddly animals lol!!!), but since I can't do that right now because I travel all the time, I still try to be positive and enjoy the views of all the places we visited!!! It makes me appreciate all that God has created......